Van Drew Calls Biden the ‘Worst President Since the Civil War’

Personally embraced by President Donald J. Trump as a possible future vice presidential option, U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-2) – a former Democrat turned Trump era Republican – tonight called President Joe Biden the worst president since the Civil War.

Up for reelection on Nov. 8th, Van Drew made the comment in his debate with Democratic challenger Tim Alexander, a former cop, at Stockton’s William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy.

The GOP congressman voted against certifying the 2020 election results, and tonight received a question about whether he believes Biden is now the rightful president of the country.

“I sure wish he wasn’t our president,” said Van Drew (pictured, bottom).

He cited gas prices, inflation, an increase in crime, and “what’s happened to our borders.”

“You can say he’s legitimate,” said the congressman. “He’s the worst president we’ve had since the Civil War people.”

Van Drew went on to denounce the Jan. 6th committee as “an abomination [that] was supposed to be bipartisan. [with all members] named by the Democratic leader.”

Alexander (pictured, above) affirmed that America is in danger of losing its democracy.

“It’s [that prognosis] not designed to rally the base, it’s the absolute truth,” said the Democratic challenger. “This is democracy versus MAGA. MAGA wants to destroy our democracy without purpose.  That is why we have this urgent need to elect Democrats. The MAGA mission has already dealt us a severe blow in the form of the Dobbs Decision.”

Alexander later likened the Dobbs Decision to the Dred Scott Decision, citing what he described as the same dehumanizing principle at its core.

In terms of the country’s condition, Van Drew didn’t disagree with his rival’s grim assessment, albeit presumably for different reasons. “We’re at the precipice of whether we’re going to save America or not,” said the Republican congressman.

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15 responses to “Van Drew Calls Biden the ‘Worst President Since the Civil War’”

  1. Call me a partisan Biden supporter but the Civil War was actually a historical event and not a person, it was a war.

    And speaking of wars, Biden has successfully kept the US out of one .

  2. Also wasn’t there a president who refused peaceful transfer of power plus brought top secret documents to his golf club/cemetery home? That seems bad🤔

  3. So is Van Drew throwing shade on Abraham Lincoln? I wouldn’t be surprised, considering his racist statement about immigrants being “the only ones who are fully stocked” with baby formula. Who begrudges good for babies just because they’re brown and their parents immigrate? Who makes up lies that stir up racist resentment? All he did was spit out incendiary taglines. By the way, name one bill he authored that passed. Not one. His job is to spread the narrative on right-wing media. That’s it.

  4. It is impossible to trust Jeff Van Drew. He continues to tie himself to the former disgraced president, even with all of the damaging court findings about his actions regarding the last presidential election. Van Drew, we must not forget, has been named by Trump as a potential vice presidential nominee should Trump not be banned from running for public office. And comments Van Drew made in last night’s debate were nothing but a parroting of Republican talking points with no substance and no solutions. He is not a fitting representative for NJ District 2.

  5. This is really simple. Election deniers are either unable or unwilling to grapple with facts, and are therefore (by dint of either a lack of intellect, lack of integrity, or both) unqualified to hold public office. Van Drew voted against certifying the election. Need more be said?

  6. A primer for the City Confidential indoctrinated readers:

    Election Deniers:

    1. Uncle Joe “the Uniter” Biden 2022 Midterms)
    2. Hillary “basket of deplorables” Clinton (2020)
    3. Stacy “voter suppression” Abrams & Kamala “i cant put a sentence together and i dont have cognitive issues like my Boss” Harris (2018)

    *PS that new “Republican voter suppression” law that lost the MLB All Star Game & other woke Corp America Biz is producing MORE votes than ever.

    4. Bill “I didn’t have sex with that woman” Clinton. (2000)
    5. Al “climate change frequent flier” Gore (2000).
    6. You name him/her “hypocrite” DEMOCRAT (2000, 2004,2016)

  7. It’s a shame people can’t see the difference between Trump an Biden. It’s a shame because of their hatred for Trump they can’t see the good he did do instead their blindness is just letting Biden destroy our country wake up democrats take off your blinders get some backbone speak up unless you think overrun borders an higher then ever inflation among other destructive choices Biden has made is just alright

  8. Agree. Biden is the worst present ever. This article is too nice. He should be impeached. Afghanistan, Inflation, more covid deaths, military wokeness, supply shortages, gas prices, poor environmental policies since we are taking dirty oil from foreign nations instead of producing it cleanly in US, border crisis, Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and border, recession, dividing the country and basically declaring civil war againstr reupublicans, and on brink of a world war. That’s what happens when a senial old man steals an election. Oh yeah…collusion with drug addict son Hunter Biden

    Trump defeated ISIS, secured brokers, lowered crime and drug addiction while we have drug problem now due to border policy. Trump had economy booming and helped get vaccines. He had great trade deals, low cost of living, and good foreign relations. Trumps only mistake was not to impose the FCC on fake news media. Lincoln did it to newspapers in 1860s but Trump missed this.

    I guess transsexuals are better under Biden but that is only 2 percent of population. History will look back as this generation as knowing Biden stole the election or that Americans are the dumbest people on the face of the earth for electing him.

  9. Joe Biden left Americans in Afghanistan. He also left earlier than our allies the British needed in order for them to get their people out. On the January 6 deal he did not say what the media claims. They have edited his statements. I don’t understand why people hate him so much. Before he ran for the GOP nomination he was loved. I guess just being a republican is all it takes to hate someone. All the while he is hated the left claims to be against hate. I was taken off Twitter because I said ONE THING the left didn’t like. How is that a pattern. Yet patterns of speech is what they claim. Why is it only states with democrat governor’s take forever to count votes. Other states don’t. Hell other countries don’t. You people of the left are digging a deep hole for yourselves.

  10. Yes he is the worst in my lifetime and all the politicians who voted for same sex marriage need to be voted out of office

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