Van Drew in Wildwood: ‘I Know Democrats’

U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-2) welcomed former President Donald J. Trump back to Wildwood for another New Jersey rally, this time on the beach.

“We all love America. I love Cape May. I love New Jersey,” said Van Drew. “We see what’s happening today in a faltering economy. We’re here today because we’re tired of the open borders. There is nothing wrong with saying we believe in America first.”

Later, the Democrat turned Republican who serves as state director of Trump’s 2024 campaign, said, “We’re here and we ain’t going away.

The Biden Administration – “it makes us sick, which is why we’re here.”

“I know Democrats, let’s face it – that Democratic Party does not represent the Democratic Party of our parents. Here’s what we got to do. We’ve got to get out the vote.”

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  1. I couldn’t wait to go to the rally. I was disappointed that they didn’t have the big TVs like in 2020. People were trying to see through holes in the tarp surrounding the boardwalk and the police wouldn’t let you. I was very disappointed as I signed up for my tickets 🎟 it meant nothing. This would have been my last time to see him.

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