Van Drew’s Opposition to Impeachment Based on Politics, not Principle

Turkavage, right, with Bob Hugin.

In 2018, after failing to secure the Republican nomination for Congress, I endorsed Democrat Jeff Van Drew. I found Van Drew’s desire to work “across the aisle” encouraging.  Van Drew’s opposition to a Congressional Impeachment inquiry, however, leads me to believe his rationale is based more on political pragmatism, rather than on a desire to faithfully carry out his Congressional duties.

The US Constitution does not expressly give Congress the power to investigate the Executive Branch; this power is derived from their legislative authority and has been affirmed by the Supreme Court. The Constitution does, however, expressly state “The President shall faithfully execute the laws of the United States”. Congressmen, therefore, have the constitutional duty to ensure the President is faithfully executing US laws.

If Congress has a reasonable suspicion (RS) that the President is acting in contravention of the Constitution, they must act. RS is the lesser of two legal standards of proof utilized by law enforcement in initiating investigations and detaining persons. RS is a suspicion on an individual(s) based on specific facts, and inferences drawn from those facts.  The Mueller report, which Van Drew acknowledged reading, provided ample RS that the President violated the Obstruction of Justice statute. Congress properly predicated some of their investigations on Mueller’s report.

Recently, Congress initiated an Impeachment Inquiry on the President. The Inquiry was predicated on whistleblower information that the President telephonically requested the President of a foreign country to initiate an investigation on the President’s political opponent. A released transcript of the call corroborated much of this information. More concerning is the allegation, largely unproven at this point, that the President withheld foreign aid to this country unless that country ceded to his demands. In either case, the lower RS threshold has been met.

Corroborative evidence of the above allegations is necessary to satisfy the more stringent legal proof standard, Probable Cause, upon which any Impeachment finding should be based. If the Inquiry results in an Impeachment vote, Van Drew’s vote must be based solely on a careful evaluation of evidence obtained, free of influence from either political party.


Retired FBI special agent and Republican Robert Turkavage ran unsucccessfully for Congress in the 2nd District in 2018.
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  • Augustine

    Sorry, this article is misguided. Jeff Van Drew BELIEVES that an impeachment proceeding is NOT in anyone’s interest. He is CORRECT, especially the way it is being done in a BASEMENT by a proven fraudulent congressional member name Schiff. If anyone reads the transcript of the call between President Trump and the president of the Ukraine, YOU WILL KNOW first hand that it contains NOTHING that even comes close to an infraction worthy of investigation, let alone impeachment.

    Jeff Van Drew should hold his ground and VOTE AGAINST Impeachment. His position is based on PRINCIPLE not POLITICS. That is hard to do in this day and age. Kudos to Jeff Vandrew is he holds his ground on this issue. he may even be able to sway some borderline Democrats to vote with conscience, not based on “Schiff’s fraudulent basement-born conviction!”

    It is said that the Democrat leadership “hates” Donald Trump. However, their collective behavior is not so much HATE as it is JEALOUSY! The behavior and speech is demonstrative of JEALOUSY more than hate. Children who are jealous of siblings often say, “I hate my sister or brother.” The Democrats passion to destroy Donald Trump’s name, and diminish his accomplishments TELEGRAPH A CLEAR PATTERN OF JEALOUSY. They simply cannot accept the amazing things that Donald Trump has done for our country. Their inability to accomplish anything close to what Trump has achieved is driving them to the brink of panic,

    Democrats would be much better served by acting based on principle, like Jeff Van Drew has done so far. In the absence of standing for principle, the Democrats will thwart their own future as voters will eventually see through the scam and fraud that has precipitated the media’s assault on the Trump Administration. In the next 3 to 6 months, the American public will see the BOLD TRUTH which is all the the Demoncrats have accused Donald Trump of doing, they already DID!

    Just like a kid who says, Billy stole my ball, the reality is that he stole Bill’s ball. He instinctively uses a deflection tactic to attempt to clear his own name by attacking someone else.

    It is so blatantly obvious, and yet the masses who watch MSNBC or CNN actually believe the FRAUDULENT NEWS [Not Fake News]! Mark my words, the truth WiIl be seen and the fact that high level government officials PLOTTED to overthrow a sitting President! Stay Tuned.

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