Vas Announces Candidacy for Perth Amboy Mayor

Joseph B. Vas.

Confirming longstanding speculation, Joseph B. Vas, lifelong son of Perth Amboy, today formally announced that he will proudly seek the office of Mayor. He will be joined on his ticket for City Council by longtime residents Doris Fonseca and Junior Iglesia in the June 4th Democratic primary election due to a recent change making Perth Amboy municipal elections partisan. All three candidates on the team are lifelong Democrats and are seeking the local Democrat line in front of the local Democratic Committee under the slogan “Democrats for Perth Amboy 2024, Together, Perth Amboy Can Do Better.” Former Mayoral candidate Frank Salado has been named campaign Treasurer.

Joseph B. Vas, an active member and former Chancellor of the Knights of Columbus-San Salvador Council #299, was born and raised in Perth Amboy and following his graduation from college and law school, where he simultaneously received a Master of Business Administration, he opened a successful law practice in Perth Amboy which he currently maintains. Following positions at the New Jersey Department of the Treasury and in private practice at a New Jersey mid-size law firm which provided him with public finance and regulatory experience and insight, Mr. Vas dedicated a portion of his private practice as an attorney to helping more than 1,000 Perth Amboy residents reduce their property taxes through property tax appeals and providing pro bono legal assistance to tenants helping to reduce unfair and unlawful rent increases. In addition, Vas has been the City’s loudest voice expressing concern over the accelerated increase of violent crime, vandalism, gang activity, and a general decline in the quality of life.

“Perth Amboy needs a comprehensive plan to tackle the skyrocketing violent crime and vandalism that has families frighten to take a stroll along our waterfront, send their children to school, visit their neighborhood bodega, and even shop in our downtown. Furthermore, the City’s continued failure to enforce Rent Control has prompted families to live two and three families to an apartment creating an even more unsafe environment,” said Mayoral Candidate Joseph B. Vas.

Joining the “Democrats for Perth Amboy 2024” team is City Council candidate Doris Fonseca, a lifelong resident of Perth Amboy. Her parents Luz and Luis Roman were founding members of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church. At an early age they instilled in her the spirit of civic responsibility and the need to give back to the community.  Doris serves as a member of the Perth Amboy Board of Adjustments and works as an experienced administrator in the building and construction industry. “All future development in our City must be considered with an eye toward the health and safety of our residents and enhancing our quality of life,” added Council Candidate Doris Fonseca.

Rounding out the team of “Democrats for Perth Amboy 2024” is former Board of Education member Junior Iglesia. Throughout his extensive public service career Junior has been a staunch advocate for financial accountability and transparency.  Junior is a senior employee of the New York City Department of Education and was recently elected to serve his school community on the School Leadership Team. “The principal obligation of the City Council is to provide a check and balance to all spending on behalf of the local taxpayers. It’s abundantly clear that taxpayers can no longer afford the hidden tax increases disguised as rate increases to water and sewer or service fees that have riddle our budget process in Perth Amboy,” exclaimed Council Candidate Junior Iglesia.

The team of “Democrats for Perth Amboy 2024” is laser focused on addressing the systemic problems facing Perth Amboy due to years of identity politics and incompetence. To that end, they have put forth a detailed and comprehensive campaign platform which proposes a strategic and attainable approach to address the following challenges:

  • Making Perth Amboy safer and more secure
  • Manage the City’s finances
  • Eliminate hidden tax increases
  • Enforce unfair and unlawful rent increases
  • Restore transparency and public participation
  • Provide a long term economic development plan

The specific pillars of the plans have been presented to residents of Perth Amboy over the past two months via video and are available on the campaign website blog.

“Perth Amboy is broken, it’s not safe to walk the streets, residents can’t afford the rents or the taxes, and there is an ever-diminishing lack of quality of life and democracy. If we don’t do something about the City’s problems now, it will only get worse. I’m determined to restore safety and pride to the City that gave so much to me,” added Mayoral Candidate Joseph B. Vas.




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  1. Mr . vas count with me and my supporters, I have my political machinery in place upon we meet and analyze several more issues on top of what you are mentioning.

  2. Congratulations Mr.Vas very happy to hear this news. Would like to assist in your campaign. I will call your office soon.

  3. Brave and commendable, hope you can finish restoring Perth Amboy where your Father left off. He was doing a great job and yours will be an asset to every citizen . 👏

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