Veteran Atlantic County GOP Chair Keith Davis Resigning

Keith Davis

This just in from veteran Atlantic County GOP Chairman Keith Davis:

He’s resigning, with a special election to fill his seat next month for the balance of his term, followed by a June 14th election for a new chairperson’s term.

In a letter dated today (see below), Davis announced to party leaders his intention to leave as County Chairman to serve and advise a to-be-formed 527 organization to help elect more Republicans throughout South Jersey.

“While leaving as Chairman is a difficult decision, I have recognized how campaigns are funded
has changed significantly over the past decade,” said Davis. “Super PACs are the future. Democratic special interests have dominated the Super PAC landscape in our region for too long and it is time for common sense conservatives to level the playing field. After 16 years as Chairman and all of our success in the Atlantic County Republican Party, it is time build upon that success throughout South Jersey.”

From the chairman’s letter:


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