Voting Machine Malfunctions Trouble Election Early

Voting machines were freezing and crashing in Middlesex County early on Election Day, causing spasms of democratic irritability, to put it mildly, according to two sources.

There were also significant malfunctioning issues in suburban Passaic County, and reportedly minor hiccups in Essex.

It was actually happening statewide.

“New [electronic pollbooks] are having issues,” confirmed Somerset County Clerk Steve Peter.

Initially, as a developing story, at least two areas in the state reported major machine issues.

According to a Middlesex source:

“Polling machines crashing in Middlesex County towns. So far, only heard of South Plainfield, Old Bridge and Monroe.”

But it was everywhere.

Passaic was also experiencing voting machine troubles, specifically in Hawthorne.

Paterson, too.

There are four different types of machines out there but some were only used for early voting.

Two types of Dominion and two types of ES&S.

Everyone has Electronic Pollbooks today. Those were the ones causing the trouble, which clerks appeared to have under control by the 9 a.m. hour.

UPDATE – Technical support tracked down and fixed the problem: crashing caused by pollbooks connected to the Internet. When the Internet would go down, the machines would crash.

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