Walker to Lead Faith in New Jersey


Faith in New Jersey, a statewide interfaith multi-ethnic organizing coalition enters a new season of leadership as Charlene Walker will assume the position of Executive Director of Faith in New Jersey.

She will officially start in her new role on Monday, September 30, taking over from retired Executive Director Archange Antoine.

A past community leader with Faith in New Jersey, Walker has a record of fiercely advocating for racial, immigrant, economic, and social  justice. 

“After several months of conducting a national search, we know Charlene Walker is the best person to lead  Faith in New Jersey in our pursuit of liberty and justice for all.” – Rev. Heyward Wiggins, FINJ Board President.

 “She understands “nothing about us, without us” and understands implicitly the need to place affected people in positions of leadership.” – Rabbi Joel Abraham, FINJ Board Member.

Born in Trenton, Walker placed for adoption at four days old and raised in a foster home during her early childhood. She learned that family was those you choose not just those of shared DNA. Her mother built a family adding those often rejected by their own kin, those that had runaway from abusive situations, or that had no one else in this world. 

“We stick up for the underdog in this house,” her mother would remind her at times.

“I can bear witness that she is a tireless and passionate advocate for issues of racial, immigrant, economic and social justice.” -Imam Saffet A. Catovic, FINJ Board Member.

“Charlene will amplify the voices of our members, and take our work to the next level.” – Rev. Geralda Aldajuste, FINJ Board Member.

 “She is a dynamic leader and organizer ready to reach out to people of all faiths, races and economic positions in life to build the world as it should be. – Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, FINJ Board Member.

Walker has supported our Live Free campaign for racial and criminal justice addressing gun violence in our communities. She is passionate about dismantling systemic racism, serving in multiple groups throughout the state of New Jersey that address policing, the penal system, education, and civic engagement.  She proved to the organization that she will stand for her beliefs and will not be deterred even by freezing temperatures; having stood outside on one of the coldest days of the year to urge Governor Phil Murphy to sign the Independent Prosecutor bill. 

 “She will continue Faith in New Jersey’s tradition of being led by a leader whose personal narrative sheds light on the path forward to actualizing justice for all” – Rev. Carmine Pernini, FINJ Board Member.

“We look forward to working with our new Executive Director Charlene Walker as we stand together for social and economic justice.” – Pastor David Ford, FINJ Board Member.

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