All I Want to Do is be the Chairperson of Union County: Salters Gets in the Race

Today we officially declare my candidacy for Chairperson of the Union County Democratic County Committee. Our list of accomplishments in Hillside clearly distinguishes and fully illustrate the things that can be achieved when collaboration is sincere and ongoing for the greater good” said Anthony Salters, Hillside Democratic Chairman.

The Township of Hillside had a 0% budgetary increase to not raise property taxes in 2016 & 2017. The Hillside Board of Education had a 0% budgetary increase in 2017. Too many candidates covet the UCDC and local party endorsements then position themselves as “independents” because of rampant spending on the County level that increases our property taxes. This needs to be addressed.

The 20 year ongoing feud between the Mayor/Council has ended. We have ongoing tough discussions with friends and foes to constantly improve our town. Difficult discussions and people come with the territory. We encourage the diversity of ideas, ethnicity and gender in Hillside. Diversity is appreciated, respected, encouraged and welcomed in civic, economic and political activities.

Our municipal slate of endorsed candidates have swept elections in 2015 and 2017 in hard fought elections. We put the work in. Then we extended an olive branch to any opposition committed to improving the quality of life in Hillside after each election.

Our track record is nothing short of outstanding. Under our leadership we have elected 1 Freeholder, 2 female Mayors, 1 Councilperson at Large , 3 School Board Presidents,  appointed a Business Administrator, School Business Administrator, Township Attorney, School Board Attorney,  Council President, Township Clerk, Director of Health and Director of DPW. All females.  We respect gender equality and LGBT inclusion.

All I want to do is be the Chairperson. I will focus totally on the growth and success of the Union County Democratic County Committee. I do not aspire nor will I seek to hold any other elective office. Our effort needs to focus on the coordinated effort of federal, state, and county representatives to deliver more resources to the 21 municipalities in Union County.

We recently elected a 24 year old school board member. We will encourage, mentor and make a path for young people to be successful in politics, appointed positions and business in their respective communities.

Senator Scutari and Mayor Mahr

They are both outstanding individuals who sacrifice a lot of time from their families. They are opponents and definitely not enemies. I actually speak to both of them very candidly and vice versa.

Anthony Salters is the Democratic Chairperson of Hillside Township.

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