Warren Dems Rebuke Phillipsburg Council President McVey for Sexist Remark


The Warren County Democrats today issued a statement regarding Phillipsburg Council President Frank McVey’s sexist remarks during last Thursday’s meeting of the public land use board.

“As we begin Women’s History Month, we are completely astounded that a woman voicing her concerns during an open government meeting could be attacked in such a vicious and sexist nature. When Phillipsburg Council President Frank McVey referred to Warren County Democratic Committee Vice Chair Theresa Bender Chapman as ‘Theresa Bend-her-over Chapman’ in a public land use board meeting, it was a misogynistic and unacceptable offense,” said Warren County Democratic Committee Chairman Tom Palmieri. “A Council President sets the standard and tone for meetings and models the expectations that are not only acceptable, but behavior that is ethical. This open public meeting became a hostile environment by creating a sexual visual when the Council President intentionally and maliciously misstated Ms. Bender-Chapman’s name.

“I have met the Phillipsburg Town Council President, Mr. Frank McVey, in person. I went on a tour of the Industrial area near Howard St. with Mr. McVey. I have exchanged emails with Mr. McVey. Mr. McVey knows who I am. This is very concerning,” said Warren County Democratic Committee Vice Chair Theresa Bender-Chapman. ”I have a daughter and I teach high school and to hear an adult man, a Council President, make this personal attack against me during an open government meeting, it should concern everyone.”

“When these egregious types of statements and words are made, especially by those in charge, this creates a hostile public forum,” said Warren County Democratic Committee Executive Director Charles Boddy, “Publicly attacking and trying to humiliate any person who is coming forward to speak concerns during public comments is unacceptable and unbecoming of any elected official.

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  1. I bet McKay would deny that Pburg evicted all the Black Property owners from howard st years ago,,& stole their property.

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