WATCH: InsiderNJ Editor Max Pizarro on Reporters Roundtable with Mike Aron


In case you missed it, please take a look at InsiderNJ editor Max Pizarro’s debut on Reporters Roundtable with Michael Aron.

Here’s the link.

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  • zanzibar

    Watched the first half but the bubble of the “ship listing” and “turmoil in the WH” and “Russia! Russia!” shows how badly partisanship has taken over. From long time news people that’s somewhat astounding. Biting on the lowest propaganda trotted out while ignoring the lengthy list of presidential actions.

    Do NJ news folks even pay attention to consumer confidence, stock surges and job creation? Here’s an overview to catch up to reality. Yes, the ship is listing but that’s your party politics sinking not America.

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