WATCH: Seeking Chairmanship, Mahr Addresses the City of Plainfield Democratic Committee (VIDEO)

Mahr said she knows Plainfield, having traveled in and out of the city as Fawood’s neighboring mayor for the past 15 years.

“I’m the longest serving local level female mayor in Union County,” said Mahr, five years the acting chair and now the chair of the Union County Democratic Committee. “Everything I have done has led to this point.”

Mahr noted that as mayor of Fanwood she partnered with Mayor Adrian Mapp to deliver a significant shared services. “The PMUA is handling all our recycling. Mayor Mapp and I figured out how to do more. We’re neighbors. I see us as one community.”

She reflected on the ailing Assemblyman Jerry Green (D-22), who retired from the chairmanship Mahr now seeks.

“Jerry Green is recuperating from a long illness and I don’t want to lose sight of that,” said the acting chair. “I stand here today as a capable individual who is ready to lead our party.”

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