Webber Backer: Helicopters Not a Prerequisite for Congress

In case you didn’t know, Mikie Sherrill use to fly helicopters. Many of her TV ads picture her posing with helicopters and in one of them, she’s at the controls and hovering above (presumably) the 11th District.

But as Republican Jay Webber made the rounds Sunday morning at a breakfast in Hanover sponsored by the local VFW, attendee Carol Fomchenko offered an interesting and perhaps pertinent observation.

“I don’t think flying a helicopter is a prerequisite for being a Congress person,” she said.
Perhaps not.

Then again, Sherrill’s helicopter and military background in general is what has helped make her the credible candidate she is.

Webber eschewed an inspirational oratory in favor of walking table to table talking to people.

Webber probably needed to do a lot of walking. He spent Saturday visiting about a half dozen diners around the district. And of course when you’re running, you have to eat at least something in every one.

Webber said he had a “big breakfast” and then consumed a whole bunch of chicken salad sandwiches.

On this day in Hanover, a normally Republican locale, the fare was scrambled eggs and the buying of 50-50 tickets.

Mike Mihalko, a local committeeman, praised Webber for cutting through the mess and understanding the issues.

At another table, Denise Brennan, who lives in nearby Mountain Lakes, admitted, “I’m a Democrat but I’m very impressed by Jay Webber.”

But as a Democrat, for whom will she vote?

“I can’t say,” she said.

Webber is good making small talk. He moved around and engaged children in the crowd about their athletic activities, asking one teen about her cross-country team.

Fomchenko said she met Webber about 15 years ago and that he immediately remembered her name.

“I love the guy,” she said.

But then again, there are those TV ads. And the helicopters. In a close race, they can be meaningful.

One can debate the significance of flying helicopters, but not the impact of Sherrill’s ads.

As one man at Sunday’s breakfast put it, “That lady has some good commercials.”

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