Webber Says He and His Family Threatened

Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-26) said an envelope containing a threat against him and his seven children and a cut up Webber for Congress sign arrived at the candidate’s place of business yesterday.

Webber’s running in one of New Jersey’s battleground contests.

Campaign spokesperson Ronica Cleary released the following statement:

“We are thankful for the immediate responsiveness and support of law enforcement in light of this threat.  Vehement criticism of a candidate on issues of public concern is part of politics, but when anonymous individuals menace a candidate and his family, things have gotten out of hand. The matter has been referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and is being investigated. Anyone with information about this incident should contact R.O.I.C. Watch and Warning Unit at (609) 963-6900, option 1.” 

Cleary added, “Jay Webber is running an optimistic, hopeful campaign focused on making New Jersey affordable and preserving opportunity for everyone in our country, no matter their party. He and his family will not be intimidated by those who try to silence opponents in an effort to stifle debate and democracy.  Now more than ever, people should rally around candidates and issues that seek to unite people moving forward, and reject those who divide and look backward.”

Webber’s rival in the CD-11 contest, Democrat Mikie Sherrill released a statement after learning of the threatening message.

“This is absolutely appalling,” Sherrill said. “No one who decides to run for public office should feel that, by doing so, they are putting their family in danger. I condemn this in the strongest terms and hope law enforcement determines who was behind this and holds them accountable.”

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