Webber Takes a Hiatus from His Annual Shining City on a Hill Send-Up (Again) – and Buzz Ensues

For more than a decade, Jay Webber has uplifted the memory of Ronald Reagan with a celebration around the ex-president’s Feb. 6 birthday.

The Reagan Day event has mirrored Webber’s career. It began in 2004 in a Parsippany firehouse (Webber was not in office then) and eventually moved to hotel ballrooms. Webber became a state assemblyman in 2008 and for a time was also chair of the state Republican Committee. He is
up for reelection this year.

The 108th anniversary of Reagan’s birth is a week away, but Webber’s celebration won’t take place.

A note on njreaganday.com (yes, there is such a thing), says it’s a “little bittersweet to let you know that we’re taking a break this year from the event.”

Actually, there was no event last year either. Webber put the Reagan celebration on hold as he organized his congressional campaign in the 11th District.

But there’s more of interest in the note, which was penned by Jay’s wife, Johanna.

“Your annual host is out job hunting,” it says. “Very much in the tradition of Ronald Reagan, he believes now is the time to put country above self and to take every opportunity to serve the people of the state he loves so dearly.”

What does that mean? Out job-hunting?

Jay Webber has a job as an Assemblyman in the 26th District. And as he said time and time again during the campaign, he also runs a small business – a law firm.

This news comes as many Morris Republicans are saying Webber has been largely invisible of late on the GOP political circuit. Sure, maybe he’s unwinding after a tough and unsuccessful congressional campaign?

He does deserve a break.

Or maybe something else is up.

Webber was not immediately available for comment.


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