Webber Uses Threatening Letter to Raise Money

On Wednesday, Republican congressional candidate Jay Webber reported a threat against his family in the form of a ripped up campaign sign and a threatening letter that referred to his seven children as “Unlucky 7.”

One thing he did was report the threat to police. That made sense.

Another thing he did was use the threatening letter to raise money.

Does that make sense?

True, politics is not a game for the weak and candidates must try to capitalize anyway they can.

Still , one wonders how this was received by people who got the solicitation.

Here it is:

Yesterday, an envelope containing a threat against my seven children and a cut up Webber for Congress sign was delivered to my office. Check out the pictures below.
Criticizing a candidate on the issues is part of politics. Threatening my children is not. We are thankful for the support of law enforcement as we work to find whoever is behind this gutless act.
We will not be intimidated as we work to make North Jersey and the United States better for everyone.
If you’re as fired up as I am about this and you want to do something about it … (Readers are then asked to click on a link and donate to his campaign).

One of the constants in the race in the 11th congressional district is that Webber is being outspent by Democratic candidate Mikie Sherrill. So he definitely needs campaign cash.

Today, in fact, Webber is scheduled to be in Washington for a fundraiser hosted by President Trump himself. The president already has tweeted his support for Webber, who seems to be embracing the president much more so than any other Republican candidate in New Jersey. Just Wednesday night, Bob Hugin, the GOP’s Senate candidate, declared during a televised debate that he is “not” a Trump-Republican. Webber definitely is.

More broadly speaking, the threats against Webber came the same week suspicious packages or pipe bombs were reportedly mailed to such prominent Democratic politicians and supporters as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Soros.

Called for comment, Webber said, “After we contacted law enforcement and made sure the kids were ok, my wife and I decided we were not going to be intimidated by the actions of a creep. Instead we decided to fight even harder and we knew our friends would want to fight with us. That is what you do to bullies – you fight back, and people want to fight back with us.”

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