Weinberg and South Jersey – Still Perfect Together

Senator Weinberg at today's virtual press conference.

Loretta Weinberg is retired – but not really.

Weinberg just taped an ad condemning Senator Ed Durr, or if you prefer, Ed the Trucker, for his social media posts about abortion.

Durr, who became a conservative hero in 2021 when he beat then Senate President Steve Sweeney, is now embroiled in a nasty, and presumably, tough reelection battle with Democrat John Burzichelli, who himself was beaten two years ago as an assemblyman.

This is LD-3 covering Salem and parts of Cumberland and Gloucester counties.

In the ad, Weinberg says:

“I was thirteen when I was sexually assaulted.  My legs were closed, but I had no choice.  Senator Ed Durr tells women how to behave?  Durr even endorsed the idea of spaying women like dogs.  Shame on you, Ed Durr.  My generation fought for Roe v Wade.  Now men like Ed Durr want to turn back the clock?  We won’t give them that power.”

The reference was to a social media post in his pre-Senate days in which Durr said a woman’s choice is keeping her legs closed.

Republicans say they’re on the offense this year, but in this stretch of south Jersey along the Delaware, they’re playing defense.

While Weinberg is a major figure in New Jersey politics, many average folk probably don’t know who she is, especially those living in the opposite end of the state from Weinberg’s home county of Bergen.

That’s irrelevant.

The point here is the message of rights and respect for women, no matter who’s giving it.

* * *

In LD-16, which ranges over parts of four counties – Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex and Somerset – Republican Senate candidate Michael Pappas is getting some help from Tom Kean Jr.

The CD-7 congressman, who has been preoccupied of late voting for a Speaker, is scheduled to be the special guest at a Pappas fundraiser this Saturday in Branchburg.

Pappas, a former congressman himself, is trying to oust incumbent Democrat Andrew Zwicker after failing to do so two years ago.

Kean’s scheduled appearance has drawn criticism from some on the left, most notably Sue Altman who is seeking the district’s Democratic congressional nomination. She points out that Pappas is strongly anti-abortion, so why is Kean, a professed moderate, helping him raise money?

That, of course, is an issue for next year

As for this year, the Kean-Pappas event is closed to the press. No surprise there.

* * *’

Bill Spadea, the radio host and possible 2025 gubernatorial candidate, is working hard to elect conservatives to school boards this year.

This right-wing goal in some cases supersedes a desire to win seats in the state Legislature. The not-so-crazy thinking, apparently, is to influence the young.

Tonight, Wednesday, Spadea is scheduled to appear at a “Meet and Greet” for a three-person school board slate in Roxbury, Morris County, that is stressing “back to basics.”

The venue for this soiree is a pub in Mount Arlington, a town that sends its high school students to Roxbury High.

The Spadea-backed slate is running against a three-person group sporting the label, Kids 1st!

A backdrop to the school board race is a pending suit by the high school librarian against four residents. The librarian says the residents defamed her during a battle over books in the library.

Spadea’s conservative credentials, notwithstanding, he’s not a fan of the Morris County Republican Committee, and that feeling is mutual.

The radio host last June campaigned and endorsed candidates running “off-line” in the GOP primary. They all lost.

That may not be the best omen for the “back to basics” slate.

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5 responses to “Weinberg and South Jersey – Still Perfect Together”

  1. Why do democrats insist on running fear campaigns instead of running on the real issues? Abortion isn’t on the ballot. Rape and incest are less than 2% of abortions. Democrats resorting to strawman arguments about settled law shows the fear they are experiencing in this election.

  2. Weinberg is from Bergen County. She needs to stay there and keep her hate-fueled thoughts of her alleged rape to herself. Instead, she uses Democrat virtue-signalling politics to attack conservative politicians. Using the rape and abortion tactics against political candidates is underhanded and political malpractice. Weinberg caused more damage in New Jersey with her proposal, passage and endorsement of anti-male laws than any politician in the past 100 years. Many of those anti-male laws shunned the inclusion of the issue of penalties for false allegations, re: false domestic violence allegations, false child abuse allegations, and false sexual abuse allegations.

    Case in point: We were involved in including a proposal in a domestic violence bill that anyone making false allegations of domestic violence, especially in divorce matters where no allegations were ever made during the marriage, but are now being used as a tactic to obtain unfair custody and support advantage in a divorce, would be subjected to 5-10 years in prison, $7500 fine (up to $10,000), and loss of child custody.

    Weinberg and her cronies were instrumental in having this provision moved out of the bill we had proposed it in. Again, this is corruption, fraud, and legal and political malpractice at its worst. Weinberg needs to stay home, and retire in dignity, rather than open her mouth and remove all doubt as to her disingenuousness and hatefulness.

  3. Hello Ms. Weinberg, hopefully, you are doing well. I have a ‘comeback’ to these men who have the terrible advice to women to keep their legs closed!! How about castration for men, that would keep your legs closed!!! I didn’t want to get into trouble for publishing this idea so I sent my thoughts to you. I wonder if the females in their lives agree with their mean message? I sympathize with you concerning your rape, years ago, blessings for the woman you have become.🙏🏾🙋🏾‍♀️

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