Whatever Happens, a Caliguire and O’Toole STILL Won’t Simultaneously Serve in the Legislature

Likely headed for senate confirmation to become a Port Authority commissioner, Senator Kevin O’Toole has served eight and a half years in the senate and will leave behind a bloody primary to succeed him.

He’s no stranger to those.

To get to the senate in LD40, O’Toole emerged the victor a very negative Republican primary in the balkanized 40th District when he beat Todd Caliguire in 2007.

O’Toole won 5,392 votes to Caliguire’s 4,062 votes.

Ironically, Caliguire’s brother, Somerset County Freeholder Mark Caliguire (pictured) is now running for an LD16 assembly seat, and hopeful of knocking off incumbent Democrat Andrew Zwicker (D-16) in this year’s general election.



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