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Capitol Hill

With the proliferation of political signs, yes, our right, is the proliferation of American Flags displayed, yes, our right. Bigger and better for some has no limits. Rather than patriotic, some are seemingly decorative to the extremes. VFW halls do not display with such abandon. I have counted a home with over 30 small and medium flags, and an electric flag the entire size of the garage door, and a similar one of size and kind in the front window, both lit up every night. It is a wonder how such folks can enter their garage at any time without hitting their heads on the flag/sign.

I wonder about the purpose of these displays. Patriotism or something else, it’s extreme, jingoism. With fascism and far right politics reawakening as a political movement in European countries such as Hungary and Italy, are these expressions about supporting our veterans, as we should, honoring those in our families and others who have served and fought and some who have died while in the armed services as their patriotic duty and choice, fully supported, honored, and understood, or something else?

Recently, the electrified American flag the size of the entire garage door width and half the length has been replaced with a – Let’s Go Brandon sign of the same size. Our weekend storm collapsed it to a sorry drag, but it has been dutifully placed back as the storm passed.

The phrase – own the libs – is part of right-wing currency. Own the libs for what? Some common sense gun control measures? An expansion of NATO? Supporting Ukraine against the hellish and illegitimate war brought on by Putin? Funding for high-tech manufacturing? Infrastructure funding? A veteran’s bill to address the effects of toxic burn pits? An omnibus budget bill that includes drug-price controls and the largest federal climate plan in U.S. history? This last one seems of particular significance given the devastation Hurricane Ian has left in its wake. These measures help all Americans. Apparently, “Brandon” has been pretty good to those on the right, too.

Interesting how Mr. DeSantis advocates and is happy to receive federal funding and assistance that was on the ground and ready to go, yes, under Biden’s leadership. When Mr. DeSantis was a congressman, he voted against aid when we were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Yes, our federal response to Sandy should be robust and supportive. I guess Mr. DeSantis has had a change of view.

I read ad hominem attacks on Biden. OK, fair game as Trump received his lot. But the question is about governance, serving the American people, and apparently protecting our democracy.

But for those who proudly and boldly display the Let’s Go Brandon, look up what expletive and meaning the sign conveys. And what’s next? A Qanon sign? A Proud Boys Sign? Or better, some white power or Anti-Semitic trope sign? What’s next?

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