When One Durr Closes, Another One Opens

There is definitely a lane for Ed “the Trucker” Durr, but how far does it go?

Durr declared his candidacy for governor Monday night, telling the crowd at an event in Egg Harbor:

“My friends, we are in crisis.”

Then he added:

“I am declaring myself for the New Jersey 2025 Republican primary for governor.”

Durr is the most right wing candidate in the race by a wide margin.

Of the other official candidates, Jon Bramnick is a critic of Donald Trump and Jack Ciattarelli ran in 2021 as a centrist.

If radio personality Bill Spadea gets in the race, as many politicians expect, he will likely fight Durr for conservative support. But as of today, Durr has that lane to himself.

The theme of Durr’s address was that so much about New Jersey is messed up, or as he said, “broken.”

He reached back to the pandemic-era to criticize Gov. Murphy for forcing state workers to get the COVID vaccine, for releasing some inmates early and for not backing the police.

This is a reliable Republican theme. The facts, however, show that the rate of violent crime in New Jersey is among the lowest in the nation. The state’s violent crime rate was 202.9 per 100,000 residents, according to the latest FBI data. That compares with the U.S. average rate of 380.7.

No matter.

A Republican candidate is unlikely to lose votes in a primary by complaining about crime.

Durr also criticized the state for introducing “inappropriate”  sexual material in schools and for allowing transgender women to take part in women’s sports.

Durr, who announced his plans to run in a church, used a New Testament verse when discussing his election defeat last year.

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

Durr became a celebrity among Republicans when he beat then-Senate President Steve Sweeney in 2021 in a south Jersey district covering at least parts of three counties – Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem.

He became renowned for his profession – a truck driver – and for spending very little money. He also kind of snuck-up on Sweeney, who did not take him seriously.

That changed last fall. Democrats ran a real campaign and brought up some ill-advised comments Durr had made about a women’s right to choose. Durr lost by a bit more than 4,000 votes to John Burzichelli.

A two-year stint in the state Legislature does not seem like the best launching pad for a run for governor.

But you have to figure Durr thinks he can recapture his magic of 2021.



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5 responses to “When One Durr Closes, Another One Opens”

  1. Do it! Let’s not forget that he and his ilk nominated a candidate for Governor in 2021 that said “Childrem are not vulnerable to this virus [COVID-19].”

    That type of rhetoric is how Legislative District 3 got Ed Durr.

  2. The two idiot commenters here are nothing more than Democrat-Communist “useful idiots”. If a Republican runs for an office in New Jersey, he or she is berated, denigrated and personally attacked by these Democrat idiots. If a Democrat is a candidate, these Democrat idiots can’t wait to get on their knees before them. It’s really a “shit show” in New Jersey with the Democrat lunatics running the asylum. They keep voting Democrat-Communist and keep cutting their own throats with highest property taxes in the nation, 4th highest income taxes in the nation, 8th highest sales taxes, highest corporate taxes, most regulations, want a “sanctuary state” for illegal aliens/criminals/ terrorists, and are killing the entire NJ economy with a $54 BILLION DOLLAR budget that has no bearing on reality.

    But then again, the Democrat-Communists here are only interested in their own narcissistic Trump Derangement Syndrome. They have nothing useful to impart, but make ignorant ad hominem attacks.

  3. Just found out that Dominion computer voting systems motherboards (which New Jersey has contracted with) are built and tested in China. They are then repackaged in Taiwan and sent to the U.S. In addition, it’s alleged that one of Dominion’s employees, Andy Huang, was able to access the servers remotely from Canada. Huang once worked for a Chinese telecom known to be a CCP affiliate as well. Hence, Dominion computer voting systems (and Smartmatic and any other computer voting systems in NJ) are compromised and should be immediately removed before the general election.

    Barry County, Michigan Sheriff’s Department, specifically Sheriff Dar Leaf, has been tracking and investigating this for several years due to election interference and uncovered the “map” of where and how the CCP is involved. This was brought out by Peter Bernegger, President of Election Watch, Inc.

  4. How many other clowns got out of the clown car in which Durr arrived? Republicans borrow and spend, democrats tax and spend; consider the end costs of borrowing before blaming whom for budgets. Right now 33% of the NJ budget is for debt service. Tom Kean doubled the budget in 8 years, Chris Christie, following the Grover Norquist no new taxes pledge, went on a new bonding spree and choked out funding to many departments-but had $10-$20 million for an unnecessary special US senate election. Many comments here are true but remember the trump criminal enterprise just tried to shakedown the oil industry for $1 billion, how do you think they will recoup that money-brace yourselves for higher gas prices.

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