Whitman Takes EPA Adminstrator Pruitt Apart in Time Magazine


In the latest issue of Time Magazine, former New Jersey Governor (and former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator) Christine Todd Whitman coldly assesses the stewardship of current EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

A proud Somerset County Republican, Whitman was never a fan of President Donald J. Trump, and her criticism extends substantially to Pruitt.

“Under the administration of Scott Pruitt, the agency is experiencing a new wave of policymaking—or rather, policy dismantling. [He has already dismantled the Clean Power Plan, which would have regulated carbon dioxide emissions in the power sector, and is now targeting vehicle-emissions standards.] If his actions continue in the same direction, during Pruitt’s term at the EPA the environment will be threatened instead of protected, and human health endangered instead of preserved, all with no long-term benefit to the economy.”

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3 responses to “Whitman Takes EPA Adminstrator Pruitt Apart in Time Magazine”

  1. And the air was perfectly safe to breathe at ground Zero after 9/11.
    And the MTBE in the gas meant cleaner air even though it caused cancer.
    Go away!

  2. She tries so hard to be relevant once again by knocking Trump and even endorsing democrats. Stay in your Ivy Tower Witless!

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