Wisniewski Uncomfortable with New Jersey Taking Money out of Horizon’s Reserves


TRENTON – Although he hasn’t yet read the fine print of his slate mate’s Horizon bill, assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-19) said he doesn’t like the overarching argument to single out Horizon’s reserves.

“I’m opposed to the idea of taking money out of Horizon, and based on what I’ve read the intent is to allow that to happen,” Wisniewski told InsiderNJ.

The assemblyman from Middlesex County who ran in the Democratic Primary for governor fears a slippery slope. “What nonprofit do we draw the line at – because Horizon is a nonprofit – to look into their surpluses?”

Wisniewski said that it is his understanding that Viatle’s bill softens the Horizon raid concept.

But “I am uncomfortable with state looking into nongovernmental agencies and making a decision on what money they should or shouldn’t have,” he said.

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