Woodland Park Dems Pick Kazmark and Patterson to Lead

Woodland Park Democrats tonight re-elected Keith Kazmark and Ruth Patterson as their Municipal Chairs. Both party leaders received unanimous support from the local Democratic Committee to lead the Woodland Park Democratic Organization (WPDO) for the next three years.

“It is an honor to be part of such an active and civic-minded group,” said Kazmark and Patterson in a joint statement. “Thank you to all of the members of the WPDO for your friendship, support, and confidence.”

This past weekend, Kazmark formally stepped down from his fourth term as Mayor of Woodland Park to assume his new role as Municipal Manager in the Village of Ridgewood. Vowing to remain involved in any way possible, the former Mayor’s re-election as a Municipal Chair and his appointment to the Woodland Park Planning Board cements his commitment. Patterson, a former Woodland Park Councilwoman of 15 years, currently serves as the Chairwoman of the local Board of Adjustment.

Assuming the role of Acting Mayor, Woodland Park Council President Tracy Kallert took her oath on Sunday, July 9th at noon. Kallert, who has served on the Borough Council for 11 years, will seek a full three-year term as Mayor in November. 

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