Workers’ Alliance Protests ‘Future of Camden’ Event

A group of 16 Progressive candidates for county committee won an unlikely victory in Collingswood NJ. The Collingswood Progressive Democrats defeated the incumbents 52% to 48%, flipping one of the largest and most strategically important towns in Camden County.

The Communications Workers of America, South Jersey Women for Progressive Change, NJ Communities United, the Camden Education Association, the Amalgamated Transit Union, and the boss hog (pictured, above) today protested the Chamber of Commerce of Southern NJ “The Future of Camden” event.

In a release, the coalition said it stands against:

-The failed rightwing theory of “trickle down economics” that we know doesn’t work  
-$11 billion dollars of corporate welfare that lines the pockets of CEOs
Enriching machine bosses and large corporations at the expense of NJ taxpayers and Camden residents
-A false narrative that Camden is rising simply because large corporations are building offices on the waterfront; many simply moved a few miles down the road. From NJ to NJ. 

More info about Chamber of Commerce’s event can be found here and below.  

Videos of the action can be seen here:


IMG_7388 (1)


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