Zwicker and Ruiz Want to Close the Book on Banning Books

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker thanks Gov. Phil Murphy for working with the NJ legislature on the dark money disclosure bill.

Senator Andrew Zwicker and Senate Majority Leader M. Teresa Ruiz have introduced legislation that would protect against the banning of books in New Jersey’s public libraries and schools.

The protections would prevent the censorship of any book for “partisan or doctrinal” reasons and would require the libraries to adopt the American Library Association’s “library bill of rights,” or a similar policy.

The Bill of Rights, which helped shape the legislation, has been described by the ALA as “unambiguous statements of basic principles that should govern the service of all libraries,” and states that all libraries should be respected as “forums for information and ideas,” and that “libraries should challenge censorship in the fulfillment of their responsibility to provide information and enlightenment.”

“This is about preventing censorship and keeping intolerance and hatred from being infused into public libraries in New Jersey,” said Senator Zwicker (D-Middlesex/Mercer/Somerset/Hunterdon). “The fact that we are in 2023 and debating whether or not we should be banning books and ideas is just outrageous. Ideas and information are meant to be discussed and debated in a society that respects the right of free expression and values the pursuit of knowledge.”

“Our libraries are a sacred community resource, not a place for careless censorship. The materials they offer should not be restricted based on partisan views or revisionist history,” said Senate Majority Leader Ruiz (D-Essex). “Libraries often provide the foundation for children’s education and become incubators of ideas. We must protect these critical institutions which continue to be instrumental in shaping young minds.”

The bill, S-3907, would authorize the State Librarian to direct State Treasury officials to withhold funding from any public school or library that fails to comply, and would deter school boards from banning or restricting access to books or other resource materials in their school libraries.

Senate Majority Leader Ruiz, who introduced a separate but similar bill, will work with Senator Zwicker on the final legislation

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7 responses to “Zwicker and Ruiz Want to Close the Book on Banning Books”

  1. Sorry folks, but these 2 politicians are liars!!!! They make it sound like the right wants to ban or censor books. Far from it. The books that REAL AMERICANS want removed from libraries, especially those in schools, are LGBTQ books promoting homosexual and trans agendas and books denigrating and humiliating whites, which are nothing more than anti-white racist books.

    The frontal lobe of the brain–the decision-making and reasoning part of the brain–is NOT fully developed until age 25. Promoting books on the virtues of homosexuality and being trans or being against whites or blacks is not for children. Children are too impressionable up until graduating college. The books promoting LGBTQ and trans philosophies have been shown to be nothing more than pornography because they detail homosexual sex and trans issues. Children MUST NOT be exposed to these sexual perversion books whatsoever. If they want to read this stuff and then experiment when they’re adults, that’s one thing. But, forcing these pornographic books on to children is emotional, psychological, physical and sexual child abuse.

    So, what can we say about these 2 Democrat politicians, Ruiz and Zwicker, who want to push homosexual and trans pornography on children???? That they are pedophiles and child sexual groomers???

  2. To No more marxists etc. Your handle says it all.
    No one’s teaching kids porn, positions, or homosexuality/trans etc . That’s YOUR fear spraying all over. Your “poor white” humiliation trope does not entitle you to erase the history, and current time,that whites built. You cannot erase colonialism, the removal and murder of indigenous people, you cannot erase the heinous history,economics,and legislation of slavery, nor the bigotry and fear of diversity that are parts of usa life. THAT’S why bills like this are important. We can chew gum and use our brains at same time and learn the positive and negative, and use that to improve.

  3. Well done Senators! I do not want anyone telling me what my kids can’t read! I expect a well rounded education for my kids.

    If other parents do not want their kids to learn in a PUBLIC SCHOOL , the home school or private school option has always been available on THEIR dime.

  4. Right, just because it exists doesn’t mean it belongs in a library. What about mein Kampf and the anarchists cookbook, we assign those to the library? I think not. They are just trying to control us as they always do.

  5. Sorry, the LOCAL ELECTED BOE should dictate what’s good for the kids in THEIR town to read. Personally I’m a BOE member and we don’t need this indoctrinating garbage in our library.

  6. Sorry, the LOCAL ELECTED BOE should dictate what’s good for the kids in THEIR town to read. Personally I’m a BOE member and we don’t need this indoctrinating garbage in our library.

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