Zwicker Statement on the Rutgers Strike

Assemblyman Zwicker
Senator Andrew Zwicker (D-16), who serves on the Senate Higher Education Committee and is co-Chair of the Special Committee on Status of Higher Education, issued the following statement today on the strike by Rutgers faculty, staff and graduate student workers:  

“It is deeply concerning that after working for months without a contract, the employees at Rutgers University felt that they had no other recourse but to go on strike to secure improved compensation for tenure-track faculty, equal pay for equal work by adjunct faculty, and a living wage for graduate students. They all play a vital role in making Rutgers one of the Nation’s top universities in a state where higher education makes invaluable contributions to our economy and quality of life.

“I urge both sides to continue to negotiate in good faith and to work for a quick resolution that results in a contract that is fair, equitable and responsible. It is in everyone’s best interests to forge an agreement that puts students first by supporting educational excellence at Rutgers for generations to come.”

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2 responses to “Zwicker Statement on the Rutgers Strike”

  1. As A Rutgers Alumni, I totally agree that a compromise needs to be made for both sides. I hope the Professors who do get Tenure continue to teach with passion and dedication and help people with learning disabilities. Most professors at Rutgers are Accommodating. I also hope the compromise doesn’t end up raising tuition for future students

  2. After 4 years, my daughter has spent much time doing college remotely because of the pandemic. Substantial debt has been accrued. Graduation is only a month away and who knows how it will play out. Students housing leases are expiring, transitions to graduate schools or work locations have already been planned. Please give the class of 2023 a break and get them the degrees they have earned!

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