AC Residents File Petitions for Change of Government Referendum

Atlantic City

Atlantic City Residents For Good Government was formed to create a grassroots effort to throw out a form of government they say has been infiltrated by incompetence and corruption over many years with elected leaders only concerned with gaining personal benefit at the expense of the residents. The legal requirement to place a Referendum on the ballot is 935 signatures from Atlantic City registered voters. Atlantic City Residents For Good Government filed 3,033 signatures. The City Clerk has 20 days to certify the petition filing and schedule an election 30 days after the certification.

The Referendum will ask voters to approve a municipal manager form of government. This form is nationally recognized as one of the most efficient forms of municipal governance for cutting down of costs and leaving less room for nepotism and political corruption, the group argues. According to (NJSA 40-39-1 et seq.), “This form is reflective of the Progressive effort to bring a more businesslike, professional approach to local government.

Five Council members elected city wide will select a Mayor from one of the five to preside over the legislative functions of government and a professional city manager to run the day to day operations of government.

Atlantic City Residents For Good Government Chair, Bob McDevitt said, “Today marks the true beginning of the rebirth of Atlantic City. The Council – Manager form of government will provide streamlined, efficient and morally responsible leadership. By passing this Referendum, Atlantic City residents will enjoy safe, clean streets, a balanced budget, lower property taxes and smart growth which will result in new development that will raise the living standards of all Atlantic City residents.”

Felica Potts, Trustee of Atlantic City Residents For Good Government said, “I have been a lifelong resident of Atlantic City. It’s not easy living here. I can’t go grocery shopping, or just go outside and play with my grandkids without worrying about the drug activities, the homeless in the city, the rate of violence, and being pan handled just walking to my car. I’ve never seen myself being a part of change to my City, but now, myself, my family and friends have signed the petition to change the
government. I can now see the future of Atlantic City and feel it will be safer for all of us when we vote YES on the Referendum.”

Labor leader, Kurt R. Krueger Jr., Business Manager Local Union #322, Plumbers & Pipefitters, said “ Business investors have been holding back coming into Atlantic city for far too long because of the unstable government. This new form of government will help Atlantic City tremendously. We can’t keep sitting on the sidelines, hoping for a change or we can get out in front of it and make it happen! This will be the first of many steps to help Atlantic City come back! The Building Trades are all on board!

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