Alagia and Hoffman Look at the Changes in Politics, on State of Affairs

Recorded 9/28/21 Steve Adubato is joined by Philip B. Alagia, Democratic Strategist, and Chief of Staff, Essex County, New Jersey, and Jeanette Hoffman, Republican Strategist, and President, Marathon Public Affairs. They discuss the greatest challenges facing the next governor of New Jersey, and the ways politics and policies have changed over time.

Steve Adubato asked Philip B. Alagia (D) if Democrats are coming together, as opposed to fighting with each other. Alagia says “I think that’s the problem with both parties, do you think the moderate Republicans are going to come together with the Trump Tea Party? Some people say ten, fifteen years from now will we have three parties, will we have a far left party, a far right party and a moderate party.”

Steve Adubato asked Jeanette Hoffman (R) if there really is a place in the Republican party for moderates. Hoffman (R) says “I’m not going anywhere.” She explains “I think, frankly, Joe Biden is the best thing to happen to the Republican party, if you look what’s going on in Washington, the higher taxes, people don’t like what’s happening with this Democratic party ….. and I think that’s kind of rallying the Republican base.”

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