Altman Excoriates Kean After He Votes for Jordan

Sue Altman, Democratic candidate for New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District, released the following statement in reaction to Rep. Tom Kean Jr. voting for Rep. Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House:

“Tom Kean Jr. just voted for a man who in his personal life helped cover up sexual abuse and in his political life tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election and pass a national abortion ban. This is not the Republican Party of Tom Kean Jr.’s father, and Tom Kean Jr. has done nothing but enable the most extreme elements of his own party instead of being a voice for moderation. Jim Jordan is a radical election denier who does not represent the values of this district and Tom Kean Jr. should be ashamed of his vote.”


About Sue Altman

Sue Altman is a proud daughter of New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District. She grew up in Clinton, attended Clinton Public School and Voorhees High School, and still calls Hunterdon County her home today, living in Lambertville.

After leading her Voorhees High School basketball team to local championships, Sue played college basketball at Columbia University and professional basketball abroad, earned two graduate degrees from Oxford University in the UK, then went on to become a teacher and successful basketball coach–leading two teams to state championships.

For the last several years, Sue has served as Executive Director of the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, a non-profit organization focused on fighting political corruption in Trenton, fighting against the waste of taxpayer dollars, and making New Jersey a better place to live for everyone.

Sue has seen firsthand that rising costs and unfair taxes–including the Trump-era SALT deduction cap–are making it harder for the people of the 7th District to raise families, own homes, and retire in their own communities. Driven by a deep commitment to keep fighting for those communities where she was raised, Sue is now taking her years of experience advocating for a fairer system that works for all New Jerseyans and is running for Congress in her home district.

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17 responses to “Altman Excoriates Kean After He Votes for Jordan”

  1. What a wimpy disgrace he is. I hope she wins the seat. He doesn’t deserve it. She’s not in my district but I may just go ahead and contribute to her campaign just to get rid of Kean.

  2. Tom Kean Jr. has done nothing for the people of District 7. He is on the wrong side of every issue, including voting for JIM JORDAN, leader of the radical MAGA creeps. I have tried to get a mailbox replaced on our corner that was knocked over in an accident right when he was elected. There are more than 6 businesses on that corner that use the mailbox, Fed Ex box, and a UPS box. His staff told me that they couldn’t do anything, Not true – he MUST talk to DeJoy! I asked if I had to go around getting signatures on a petition so HE could do HIS job and get our mailboxes back. I am so tired of writing to him – he is the absolute WORST rep going. I cannot wait to VOTE HIM OUT!

  3. Kean voted for his conscious conscience but Sue and her types that are socialist minded always seek take away the rights they so exercise from others. Sue believes in a Republic they seek to push totalitarian top down tyrannical rule which is not democracy because some of us were born in such country. Many born here can’t appreciate what true liberty and choice is until they lose it due to indoctrination. Sue what happened to those that accused Biden of sexual stuff? Both parties are full of dirty politicians, people stand for true liberty of freedom not illusion of false promises by those that have destroyed the JFK Democratic party of our fathers to now socialist communist tyrants. Let’s safe the democratic party and the Republic and allow free choice without witch-hunt.

  4. As a voter my family is from Clinton nj and my husband remembers you from basketball. We have raised our family here in hunterdon county.
    We are in agreement of your article about Dean
    We will keep an eye out for you and definitely our support

  5. Altman is one to talk. She is just as crazy, if not crazier than Jim Jordan. If the voters of NJ7 are really afraid of dangerous radicals, we should look no further than Altman. Its one thing to have a radical speaker but its another to hand over our representation from a moderate like Tom Kean to a dully fledged fringer like Altman. Kean at least was just trying to get the government moving again and can admit Jordan’s views aren’t his own. Altman not only has loony positions but promotes and supports others with equally crazy positions. Say no to Sue. Crazy is always bad.

  6. Well looks like congressman kean’s morals and political views are align with Jordon Kean needs to go vote him out I will vote for anyone but Kean after his support of Jordon which makes Kean radical.

  7. Nobody cares about your lies. And if you gave a rip about sexual abuse, you’d be on Capitol Hill protesting Joe Biden.

    You’d support dingbat extremist Natcy Pelosi for Speaker. Nuff said.

  8. Kean makes me sick, voting for any election denier is just wrong. When I heard him respond with Jordan’s name, well it shocked me. Sadly the republican party is a cult now and I’m no longer considering myself a republican.

  9. McCarthy did not do his job. Pelosi & Bowser need to be supboenaed about #J6. #AshliBabbitt was murdered by Byrd. Look @ video. KM sais Byrd did his job. McCarthy is weak against an evil left. We will get the UNI PARTY Republicans out. We, the people, are more powerful than you. Why has Hunter and James Biden not been subpoenaed? To the Trump hating REPUBS, he is going to win in a landslide

  10. Democrats are DESTROYING AMERICA, ON PURPOSE AND THE WORLD IS IN CHAOS. The fake news can fool the democrats, but, our enemies are salivating and going to war. How are the mortgage(8%) and credit card rates(up to 30%)
    We have a person in office who is mentally unfit and the media covers up for him. We will get rid of the weak Republicans(UNIPARTY) and put in America First people

  11. Election denier???
    America knows the Christopher Wray run FBI colluded with social media to take #PresidentTrump off their platforms. In war, the first thing the enemy does is take out their opponent’s communication. Social media blocked the medical advice from good doctors on COVID. FB blocked the Hunter laptop story. 51 lying Intel agents stated the Hunter laptop was Russian disinformation. The braindead Biden, 100% won, because of ELECTION INTERFERENCE BY WRAY, SOCIAL MEDIA AND FAKE NEWS. Hitler would be proud of the liberal teachers and fake News BRAINWASHING PEOPLE.

  12. People talk about supporting the Constitution. If you worked to reverse the 2020 election, you worked to undermine the constitution. Jim Jordan played an instrumental role in undermining the constitution once. How can anyone assume he wouldn’t do it again? No, a vote for Jordan to be Speaker is a vote to risk jeopardizing the constitution again.

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