Alvarez: ‘I was Instructed to Meet with Mr. McKenna, and We Talked Then About When I Could Start Working’

Al Alvarez told Mike Critchley that Peter Cammarano never said, “You’re hired;” Jose Lozano never said, “You’re hired.”

Neither did Matt Platkin.

Then who did?

“You assume a position of chief of staff overseeing 11 to 12 billion in construction projects,” Critchley said. “Who hired you?”

“I was told if I was interested, I should talk to Mr. [Charles] McKenna [the sitting CEO of the state Schools Development Authority and a holdover from the administration of Governor Chris Christie].”

“Mr. McKenna has testified under oath that he didn’t hire you.”

Alvarez gently questioned that characterization of events.

After his meeting with McKenna, “I received a letter from my immediate supervisor, from Lynn Haines. The official letter was sent by Lynn Haynes.”

“Lynn Haines has testified that the letter you received was a form letter not signed by her, but by auto pen,” said Critchley.

“I don’t know who specifically said you’re hired. I expressed my interest and no one objected to me going there,” Alvarez said.

“Did you fill out an employment application with the SDA?”

“I don’t recall that,” Alvarez said.

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  • 1Prop

    This is beyond absurd. They’re all lying.

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