America is at a Crossroads with the 2020 Presidential Election

Former 33rd District Senator Bernard Kenny discusses his view that the 2020 presidential election is a choice between reconciliation and strife, between the one America of our aspirations or another America that is an angry country where anything can happen.


America is a two -faced God ; tribal and aspirational. Each face can lay claim to truth and authenticity, to life and death.

When these forces are reconciled through politics, faith, and the rule of law, when held together in a rough equilibrium, we are ” e pluribus unum”.  If riven and exploited by fear and invective, we become a strife – ridden, dead- eyed country without a soul.

At Gettysburg Cemetery, Lincoln baptized the sacrifice made there with a prayerful ode to  the values of a Constitutional government dedicated to that aspirational proposition that “All Men Are Created Equal”. Since that great Civil War , these values have been sustained and expanded in America, with immeasurable sacrifice by great multitudes of patriots for over 150 years.

It is an unthinkable but a fair question to ask….. Are these values still sustainable when a sitting President of the United States is an enemy of them and, being so, uses and abuses his great powers to put it all at risk?

This is what the 2020 Election is about: the choice between reconciliation and strife, between the one America of our aspirations or another America, an angry land, where who knows what will be loosed upon us ….. a crossroads , no doubt , is before us.

Bernard “Bernie” Kenny of Hoboken is a former senator from the 33rd District.

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One response to “America is at a Crossroads with the 2020 Presidential Election”

  1. What a delusional, slanted column. The media and Congress are enemies of the President. Trump, although not eloquent, is the biggest defender of our rights and the Constitution in Washington. What you haters on the Left don’t like is that we had 8 years of a Constitutional free-for-all under Obama, where everyone did whatever the hell they wanted, and now it’s over.

    As for “e pluribus Unum”, it’s the wackos on the Left that insist on preserving everyone’s individuality which impedes nationalization. Everyone is required to give up something – such as language – in order to maintain a nation. The left does not want that. When schools taught facts and reality, students where informed that we operate under a system where majority rules, not the loudest or most popular. The Electoral majority elected Trump, as prescribed by the Constitution. You lost 2.5 years ago. Grow up and get over it.

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