Armstead, Scutari Feud spills into Clark at Union Dems Breakfast


They’re at it in Union County again, a brutal local battle between County Democratic Party Chairman Nick Scutari and Linden Mayor Derek Armstead spilling out of Linden and into Gran Centurions in Clark.

“I wasn’t allowed to enter the Union County Democratic Party breakfast,” Armstead griped.

Scutari’s people supposedly told the mayor that the event was only for invited guests.

“I’m the Democratic chairman of Linden,” said a chagrinned Armstead.

His breakfast banning probably had something to do with his firing off a letter last month to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, alleging Scutari negligence when the senator had the municipal attorney contract.

“We stayed outside,” Armstead said. “They called the police to have me leave. Nick Fixmer made the final call for me not to go in.”

On this wretched rainy day, Scutari was unsympathetic.

“Derek Armstead is a liar and a traitor,” the Union County Democratic Committee Chairman said of the Linden Democratic chairman.

“He knows what’s saying about me are lies,” Scutari said, referring to the mayor’s letter to the U.S. Attorney.

“He’s donating money to independent candidates, and on that basis alone he should be expelled from the party,” the party leader added. “Don’t expect me to sit there and do nothing when he shows up. Another thing is, I can guarantee you he didn’t bring his $50 check to the breakfast.”

InsiderNJ asked the chairman about the breakfast.

“Great,” Scutari said. “It went great. What a great party, great group.”

Armstead was the only hang-up, he said.

As for the chairman’s most competitive legislative race, LD21, he said he believes the Democrats are within range.

“I think it is,” he said, when asked if it’s winnable. “I believe it is right there.”

The outcome of Clark NJ committee races could be key to any challenge to Union County Democratic Committee Chairman Nick Scutari, a source told Insider NJ.
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