Assembly Judiciary Committee Passes Bill to Change Sex Abuse Statute Law

Coughlin and Vitale

The Assembly Judiciary Committee today voted in favor of A3648, which removes the two-year statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases in New Jersey.

The tally was 4-0-2.

Democratic assembly people Annette Quijano (chair), Carol Murphy, Gordon Johnson and William Spearman voted yes.

Republican assemblymen Michael Patrick Carroll and Erik Peterson abstained.

“Their courage is amazing,” bill sponsor state Senator Joe Vitale (D-19) said, referencing the victims who testified at an emotional hearing.

“This is a pandemic,” added the veteran Democratic senator from Woodbridge, a week after the Senate Judiciary Committee passed its version of the bill.

On Thursday, the senate will hear the bill in the senate as a whole.

The assembly will hear the bill by the end of the month.


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