Assemblywoman Angela McKnight Calls on DOE to Not Cut Childcare Providers Pay

Assemblywoman Angela McKnight (D-Hudson County) is tirelessly fighting to have the New Jersey Department of Education (DOE) rescind their directive to stop paying childcare providers their contracted amounts. The DOE sent a short three-line directive via email on October 25 informing providers that the way they have been getting paid for at least the last three years would cease by December. This change would result in income reductions for as much as 50 percent for some providers.

Assemblywoman McKnight met with directors of the Jersey City childcare community in November and since met with DOE Assistant Commissioner of Early Childcare Cary Booker as well as members of the Jersey City Board of Education.

“After meeting with DOE and the Jersey City BOE we were able to get the providers a 60-day extension before the new payment structure goes into effect. But this is still not acceptable.  This is simply not enough time for these childcare providers to adjust their operating budgets. They will have to lay off workers or possibly go out of business,” says Assemblywoman McKnight.

One provider sent a letter to McKnight’s office noting that “(we are) a family-owned educational facility located in the Greenville Section for the past 25 years. On October 25, 2023 we were given notice that funding specifically for PreK 3 and 4 students will be cut on December 1, 2023. If this were to occur, we will be forced to close our doors. The impact on the Greenville working community with young children will be devastating. It will also negatively impact our teachers and support staff.”

“There is no sensible reason for this type of financial change in the midst of the school year. The Jersey City school budget was passed in March and the state DOE budget was passed in July so the funds are already accounted for in the budget,” explains Assemblywoman McKnight. “I will continue to meet with whomever I have to until our childcare providers are protected and financially secure,” she says.

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11 responses to “Assemblywoman Angela McKnight Calls on DOE to Not Cut Childcare Providers Pay”

  1. I work with 3 year old. They need more love, attention, nurturing. If you cut Childcare Providers Pay, these young children will be left without care and they will be lost.

  2. I’m a working grandmother that has custody of my 2 year old grandson and truly needs the assistance. I stand behind this petition.

  3. I am a parent of a 3 year old. Childcare helps us in major ways. If you take it away it leaves so many families and children without schooling. The only way for a better future is through our babies. It starts while they are young, but taking that opportunity away leaves our babies out in cold with no brighter future. We the parents are asking please do not cut the childcare providers pay.

  4. If you ask me, they deserve more pay rather than a cut. Childcare providers spend more time with our children than we do Monday – Friday. They deserve more appreciation! This is not right!

  5. Please do not cut the school budget.
    When you cut the education, you cut teachers.
    When you cut teachers, you harm kid when you harm kids
    They will harm the community.

  6. As a parent of 2 children, these are very trying times and we need as much help as can get. Please do not cut the school budget. This will only harm our community and leave some children open to non influential people.

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