Asw. Muñoz Addresses the Challenges Facing the Nursing Profession, on State of Affairs

Assemblywoman Nancy Muñoz (R), Deputy Minority Leader, sits down with Steve Adubato to address the nursing shortage, nurse and physician burnout, and the need for affordable, accessible childcare. Recorded 6/20/23.

Steve Adubato asks Assemblywoman Muñoz about the current status of the nursing profession and some of its biggest challenges today. Muñoz says the current nursing shortage is the biggest challenge. “Having this tremendous shortage of nurses impacts the ability to deliver care because we simply don’t have enough nurses. I think Covid had an impact on it, people who were nearing retirement decided that it was time to retire. People were stressed out because of Covid, and young people aren’t entering the profession. The other problem we have, Steve, is that we probably don’t have enough slots for professional nursing education in the state, which is an issue. I’ve been working for the 14 years I’ve been in the legislature on how we can help that issue.”

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