Atlantic County Democratic Chair Urges Support for Biden

Chairman Mike Suleiman

Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman released the following statement about the presidential campaign:

“Growing up in Atlantic County, I learned that we don’t abandon our own. As a family, we stick together and tough it out. That’s why I’m reaffirming my support for President Biden.

“The corporate media and political elites want to dump President Biden because they’ll benefit from the chaos. Regular folks I talk to outside of the political bubble are sticking with Joe, and so am I. Democratic primary voters overwhelmingly voted for the Biden-Harris ticket, and the wishes of our rank-and-file members should not be cast away.

“I am publicly urging our congressional delegation and my fellow County Chairs to reaffirm their support for the Biden-Harris ticket. Let’s show the nation that New Jersey Democrats are united behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”


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