Back from Munich, Sherrill Makes Urgent Case for Ukraine Aid

After two years of war, Ukraine has done rather well.

Rep. Mikie Sherrill, just back from the Munich Security Conference and a meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky, made that point Friday morning in a conference call with reporters.

A Navy veteran and one-time Russian policy officer, Sherrill, of CD-11, noted that Ukraine has kept the key port of Odessa open for grain shipments, is still manufacturing munitions and has held its capital city, Kyiv.

But all is not rosy.

Without continued U.S. aid, she said, “It’s hard to see how Ukraine can hold on to that success.”

When Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, military support for the country was very much a bipartisan endeavor.

No longer.

The Senate did pass a Ukrainian aid bill a few weeks ago with Republican support.

But Speaker Mike Johnson has so far refused to post the bill for a vote in the House, despite indications it would pass. Former president and 2024 candidate Donald Trump opposes more aid to Ukraine.

Johnson, who was just in Bernards Township for a Tom Kean Jr. fundraiser, says he wants a bill that would protect the U.S. border. Such a bill was proposed in the Senate – again with bipartisan support – but fell apart because of Trump’s opposition.

So, how does one maneuver around the political morass and help Ukraine?
Sherrill acknowledged there is no easy answer, considering the political impediments.

One avenue is a “discharge petition,” which would be a way to bring the Ukrainian aid bill to the floor over the Speaker’s wishes. This type of parliamentary maneuver, however,  is often difficult. In this case, Sherrill and her fellow Democrats would need at least a small number of Republicans to defy the Speaker.

Nonetheless, Sherrill said the aid bill that passed the Senate is the only viable path forward.

Interest in helping Ukraine fight its war against Russia actually increased during the Munich Conference when news reports told of the death of dissident Alexei Navalny in a Russian prison.

“It was like a gut punch,” the congresswoman said.

Sherrill said that in her meeting with Zelensky, the president was “quietly determined” about the task facing his nation.

But she said Ukraine cannot win the war alone.

“U.S. leadership is desperately needed,” Sherrill said.



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4 responses to “Back from Munich, Sherrill Makes Urgent Case for Ukraine Aid”

  1. The Senate legislation Sherrill refers to is a nightmare. Americans want the border secure. Then we can discuss Ukraine. This bill does the opposite.

    It is not a border security bill. It’s a Ukraine aid package carrying a $118 billion price tag. Only $20 billion is allocated to border issues and fails to address prevention of illegal entry.

    The bill does not make it easier to deport illegal aliens. There’s no border wall. No enforcement is addressed. The money for extra agents is solely aimed at processing asylum claims.

    It provides taxpayer-funded lawyers to illegal entrants and amnesty to children of H-1B visas once they reach age 21. There is no mechanism for preventing illegal entry, no mechanism for deportation.

    We have permitted some 10 million illegals into this country under Biden and his democrat surrogates like Sherrill. Many more entering every day.

    In March the House passed HR 2, a solid border security bill. It has been sitting on Senate Leader Shumer’s desk with no foreseeable actions.

    Sherrill knows this. Proposals for Ukraine can and should be discussed and debated separately and distinctly.

    We need a monetary accounting and a plan for victory. We don’t need another never ending war which democrats seem to want.

    The Democrat long-term goal is mass amnesty. This is obvious. Sherrill is just dishonest and disingenuous.

    But NJ seems to be in love with Sherrill. Her name is already being mentioned as a viable candidate for governor. Good luck with this New Jersey. You get what you vote for.

  2. As I’m writing this post I note that another balloon has been spotted over the western United States.

    It was apparently spotted by U.S. military aircraft on Friday. We are told there is no threat. We are told the origin of this balloon and its purpose are not yet known.

    This makes no sense. No threat, but we don’t know enough?

    Perhaps Sherrill can address this for us.

    After all, she wants us to help Ukraine. Does she want to protect Americans?
    Does she want to protect America?

  3. One additional comment on Ukraine and Sherrill.

    During the Obama Biden years, Russia invaded Crimea. They have held this Ukrainian territory since.

    Where were democrats, Biden or Sherrill then? They were completely silent. They never once considered military aid to Ukraine to push the Russians out. Quite the leader Sherrill was then.

    Let’s not forget Biden’s comments two years ago. when asked what action he would take. Biden indicated that it would depend on if it was a large or minor incursion.

    What a thing to say.
    Where was Sherrill’s leadership at that time?

  4. Sherrill is a fraud. She claims to be a helicopter combat pilot. She was doing behind the lines duty carrying equipment and personnel. She never was up front in the combat zones. She claims she was a U.S. Assistant District Attorney. According to former Gov. Chris Christie, who was the NJ U.S. District Attorney, Sherrill was nothing more than a liasion between the U.S. attorneys’ office and the courts. She never prosecuted a case.

    Sherrill has voted with Biden and the Democrats 100% of the time. She voted for the COVID aid bills and the infrastructure bill, which we come to find out recently, that a Federal Judge just ruled the infrastructure (& Green Raw Deal) bill is unconstitutional because there was no quorum as required by the U.S. Constitution to pass it. Everyone was home during the COVID experiment, and they voted with proxies, which is not allowed and makes the bill unconstitutional. Yet, $1.7 TRILLION (with a “T”) DOLLARS was blown on Democrat pet projects and given a bulk of that money to Democrat State Parties and the DNC. Sherrill “voted” for this, or her proxy did. So, Sherrill votes for laws that are totally against the American people and New Jersey residents. She complains that Trump passed the law that anyone with a more than $10,000 property tax bill would have to pay taxes on anything over that. Sherrill was in the House, when the Democrats had control of the Legislature and did nothing to stop Trump’s law. Again, Sherrill is a fraud and phoney. Any New Jersey idiot on the Democrat side who votes for this fake, is nothing more than a Communist “useful idiot”.

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