Baffled by Dunec, Sebold Doubles Down on Support for Sherrill

Democrat Marc Dunec’s endorsement today of Republican Jay Webber in CD11 came on the heels of a long collapse of relations between Dunec and leaders in the local party, including Essex County Freeholder Pat Sebold.

Sebold had championed Dunec’s doomed 2014 challenge of incumbent U.S. Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen’s candidacy, and squired him over to Pal’s Cabin’s for the usual Democratic Party ring kissing exercises.

It all went to his head, a source told InsiderNJ, who describe Dunec as a Livingston lightweight who thought that his 37-63% blowout loss to Frelinghuysen actually accounted for something sizeable in politics.

He secured a zoning board seat and ended up squabbling with other Democrats, going so far as to feel out a run against Sebold herself for chair of the local party.

He backed down when he discovered he couldn’t win.

Sebold was baffled by him.

“By the time Mark Dunec was finished, none of the Democrats wanted to have anything to do with him anymore,” the freeholder said.

Sebold, of course, backs CD11 Democrat Mikie Sherrill for the seat being vacated by the retiring Frelinghuysen.

“She’s unbelievable,” Sebold told InsiderNJ. “I’m so impressed by her. Webber is so conservative, he’s against everything I’ve belived in all my life. Frelinghuysen is a liberal compared to Webber.”

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  1. Mark Dunec is a liar and a traitor. He betrayed everyone that worked hard to get him elected in NJ-11 in 2014. Earlier the same morning of that his joint statement with Jay Webber was released Mark Dunec emailed me saying that he was planning to vote for Webber, but would not be campaigning for him. What do you call a joint statement, Mark??? I feel that I was totally fooled by someone that I considered a friend.

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