Bashaw Goes after Andy Kim

Curtis Bashaw, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, today released the following statement regarding Andy Kim’s decision to vote against the “21st Century Peace Through Strength Act” which requires TikTok owner, ByteDance to divest from the Chinese Communist Party:

“TikTok is a known national security risk that allows the Chinese government to continue to spy on American citizens and steal and manipulate data.  In fact, a report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence shows China used TikTok to meddle in the 2022 midterm elections. This weekend, Congress overwhelmingly passed bipartisan legislation by a margin of 360-58 to eradicate this very real and imminent security threat, yet Andy Kim was one of only a handful of Congress members who failed to stand up to China in order to protect Americans.

“Far-left DC insider Andy Kim needs to explain to New Jerseyans why he voted against the aptly called ’21st Century Peace through Strength Act’, which also includes sanctions on Iran and the seizure of frozen Russian sovereign assets. Every member of the New Jersey delegation voted for this bill, with the exception of Andy Kim, who voted with members of the Squad and the radical progressive caucus over the best interests of New Jerseyans.

“Unfortunately, these are the dangerous far-left foreign policy positions New Jerseyans can continue to expect from Andy Kim. In supporting President Biden’s Iran appeasement deal and calling for a ceasefire, Andy Kim weakens support for Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East, and emboldens Iran and its terrorist proxies. And Andy Kim’s continued support of President Biden’s open border policies will only continue to hurt our country and make our families less safe.

“When it comes to foreign policy, I strongly believe in peace through strength, and I will always put Americans and New Jerseyans first with every vote in the U.S. Senate.  Unlike Andy Kim, I will not cave to our enemies in China or Russia, or appease terrorist regimes like Iran.”



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9 responses to “Bashaw Goes after Andy Kim”

  1. Bashaw claims far-left Andy Kim has some explaining to do regarding some of his votes in Congress. Well, far RINO Bashaw has a ton of explaining to do regarding some of his political contributions to Ds, such as U.S. Senator Cory Booker, State Senator John Burzichelli (then Assemblyman), Former State Senator Bob Gordon, Former State Sen. Cray-Cray Ray-Ray Lesniak (Unbelievable!), Congressman Donald Norcross, Former Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, State Sen. Troy Singleton, Former Senate President Steve Sweeney, Congressman Jeff Van Drew (when he was a D), Former Assemblyman. John Wisniewski. How can this person be the R nominee? Based on his donations he looks like a South Jersey D machine plant.

  2. Spot on NJBlech! Unlike a recent endorsement by Curtis, Christine Serrano Glassner endorsed Donald J. Trump back in January BEFORE any caucus or primary took place! She’s no Establishment RINO!

  3. One can’t endorse Trump and still claim to support freedom, liberty, justice, truth, and the “suckers and losers” in our military. Until the GOP turns its back on Trump and gets back to its roots, the party and its candidates will remain awash in lunacy

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