Battleground Bramnick: Murphy Out of Touch, “Even with His Own Party’ (with VIDEO)

Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick said the NJ Legislature must stay in session this summer to take care of the state’s unaddressed issues.

Having just formally kicked of his reelection campaign last night and on the immediate heels of Governor Phil Murphy’s state of the state address, Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) criticized Murphy as out of touch, “even with his own party.”

“He is an extreme part of his party,” Bramnick said.

“Of 169 new laws, there was not one law related to making New Jersey more affordable – not one plan,” said the minority leader. “This is the number one exit state in the nation. There was nothing in this state of the state to address this massive exit.

“What this governor does not address is the tough stuff,” Bramnick added. “He is a nice man with a big heart whom I like personally, but nothing he said today is going to stop the exit from New Jersey.”

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