In Bayonne, O’Donnell Taps Educator Ward for At-Large Running Mate

Bayonne mayoral candidate Jason O’Donnell today announced long-time educator and community volunteer Dan Ward as the first candidate on his ticket for one of Bayonne’s at-large council seats.  Ward, a life-long resident of Bayonne, has worked as a public school educator for the past 26 year and is currently the Director of Social Studies and Library/Media Services for the Bayonne Board of Education.  

O’Donnell is running against incumbent Mayor Jimmy Davis.

“I’ve known Jason O’Donnell for years and I am looking forward to running on his ticket for an at-large council seat,” said Ward.  “I watched Jason stand against Chris Christie and members of his own party on behalf of teachers, police and fire fighters and then fight Christie’s cuts to education funding and critical cuts for women’s health, and I saw the consequences he faced as a result.  I know Jason O’Donnell will be fearless when tackling the problems that ail our city and I look forward to joining him in that fight.
We must put an end to the 30-year tax breaks for wealthy developers and the mortgaging of our children’s future or we will all be paying for the Davis Administration’s corporate give-aways for generations,” added O’Donnell’s running mate. “And we need strong leadership that will work with the City’s Board of Education to look for solutions to the current budget crisis rather than the Davis Administration’s baseless finger pointing and empty grandstanding that have still left 74 school employees without their jobs and all of us, young and old, with an almost 6% school tax increase. Simply put, we need new leadership and I am looking forward to working with Jason, a man of integrity, and the rest of our team to get the City we all love back working for all taxpayers.” 
“I am proud to run on the same ticket with Dan Ward,” said O’Donnell.  “Dan is a huge part of the foundation of our community and his dedication to all of our friends and neighbors in Bayonne is unmatched.  He has spent decades trying to enrich the lives of so many with his work in our school system and volunteering his time in our community and we are both anxious to begin the fight to get Bayonne back on track.” 
In 2016, Ward received honors as Irish-American Educator of the Year by the Irish American League.  He has served on Hudson County Community College’s Academic Advisory Board and has been a member of the Anthony K. Podbielski Memorial Essay Committee. Ward and his wife, Caroline Ulivella, have two sons they are also raising in Bayonne’s public schools.  Ms. Ulivella is also an educator. 
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