Be Brave Bergen, in the Glare of History: Murphy v. Kim

PARAMUS – Bergen County Democrats could very well decide Monday evening who the party’s nominee for U.S. Senate is going to be.

Or at least who it won’t be.

So far, the political wisdom – such as it is – has been that Tammy Murphy has endorsements from the power brokers in the large Democratic counties all locked up.

Who cares if Andy Kim is winning endorsements in Hunterdon and Warren counties? It’s not as if there are a lot of Democrats there.

But there are in Bergen, the most populous county in New Jersey.

For this conventional wisdom to hold, the First Lady needs to win in Bergen County, and thereby, underscore the belief she has the large counties in her corner.

Given the fact, Murphy really needs this win, the pressure tonight is on her.

Suppose she loses?

That would be a disaster for Murphy.

Very simply, it would mean that Kim has won every open convention.

And it should mean that the time has come for the First Lady and the governor to have a real conversation about continuing in the race.

All that is a few hours away.

As of now, crowds of supporters for both candidates have already gathered outside the convention site, the IBEW union hall.

One Murphy supporter said he’s backing the First Lady because Paul Juliano, the county Dem chair, backs Murphy.

He called Juliano the best county chair in the nation. High praise indeed.

Meanwhile, Kim supporters waved signs, chanted his name and told delegates not to be “manipulated.”

One woman shouted, “Bergen be brave!”

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