Bergen GOP Chair Zisa Wants to Move Forward with Special Election for Sheriff

Wary about the intervention of the Governor’s Office, Bergen Republicans will hold a convention on Monday night to nominate their choice for sheriff to replace the disgraced Mike Saudino.

“I’m concerned about an attempt to take the selection process out of the hands of the voters,” said Bergen County Republican Organization Chairman Jack Zisa.

Sources say Alan Brundage, a former Paramus police captain, has an edge heading into the convention, but given the volatility around whether or not a special election will even occur, Zisa refused to supply the names of interested candidates.

“We’re asking for a special election,” said the GOP chairman. “Absolutely.”

The law is clear, he added.

“There’s supposed to be an election if there is a vacancy, and it’s clear to everyone that this was a resignation,” Zisa said.

To change the process now is to change history, he maintained.

Secretary of State Tahesha Way on Friday agreed and denied Saudino’s effort to change his resignation. date.

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