In New Ad, Booker Says it’s Time to ‘Love’


Cory Booker 2020 is launching its first paid persuasion advertising of the 2020 election cycle with a 30 second spot entitled “Love” that the presidential candidate says answers skeptics who question whether his “career-long commitment to bringing people together can beat Donald Trump.”

“The fact is,” asserts the campaign, “creating uncommon alliances and unifying people in common cause is the only way to beat Donald Trump because it’s the only way that transformative change has happened in our history.”

Struggling in the polls, Booker is trying to get his cchin over the 4% bar to qualify for the next debate stage.

The ad and its variants will begin airing immediately on digital platforms and is part of a six-figure advertising effort Cory 2020 announced last week in an effort to reach the polling threshold needed to qualify for the December DNC debate in Los Angeles.

The full 30 second spot can be viewed HERE.

It can also be viewed below:

Below is a transcript of the ad:

BOOKER: I’m here today because of love. A heroic love that pushed people to march, knowing they could be beaten, and board buses, knowing they could be bombed. From Seneca Falls to Selma to Stonewall, the truth of America is that we win when we come together and show the best of who we are against the worst that we face. That’s how we’ve beaten demagogues and bigots before, that’s how we’ll beat Donald Trump. And that’s how I’ll lead as your president. I’m Cory Booker and I approve this message.

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