Booker’s Money Woes Continue

U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ)

Cory Booker’s presidential campaign is again having trouble with money.

Booker himself recently sent an email to supporters that candidly admits, “Our fundraising has really slowed down in the past few days. It was a big setback when we set a goal of $53,740 – and fell short.”

The senator goes on to say that the campaign has a “huge end-of-month deadline coming up on Oct. 31.”
If fundraising fails to improve, Booker says the campaign will be unable to make the “big investments we need to win.”

Specifically, he said that means the campaign would be unable to open more field offices in early primary states, hire more field organizers and run ads.

At the end of September, the Booker campaign publicly announced it needed to raise about $1.7 million to stay competitive. That goal was reached.

But now, another fiscal crunch apparently has surfaced.

The reason for all this has to be the senator’s continuing inability to rise in the polls. Just in the last few days, the senator was at 2 percent in a national poll and at 1 percent in Iowa, the first caucus state.

Booker by most accounts has done well in the presidential debates, so his failure to gain traction among Democrats seems a bit puzzling.

But, as we see, it’s also raising questions about the future of his campaign.

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