Bramnick Meeting with Rutgers President


Today, Senator Jon Bramnick (R-21) announced that Rutgers University President Holloway agreed to a meeting to discuss the university’s decision to meet the demands of protesters.

“I am glad President Holloway agreed to meet with me in light of Rutgers University’s decision to meet the demands of protesters illegally occupying the campus and causing a disruption. Negotiating with protesters who violate the law only invites more people to follow suit and the taxpayers deserve answers to the misguided actions of the university administration.”

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4 responses to “Bramnick Meeting with Rutgers President”

  1. Holloway should be FIRED for giving in to our enemies. What’s taking so long- are you waiting until they impose Sharia Law on us?? Stop appeasing the enemy. Shame on him!

    Rutgers Graduate School Alumni

  2. Very true

    Rutgers should not receive any more public funding.

    Any students involved in this nonsense should be expelled.

    Any students here on a student visa must be immediately deported.

  3. Liberal Bramnick meeting liberal Howlloway, what a joke! Clean the mutants off of the campus!

  4. Several U.S. Congressmen have a proposed bill ready to be voted on that any protester on the college campuses that doesn’t leave, if convicted, must do community service in Gaza for 6 months. That should end this clown show at the colleges.

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