Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick Tells Trenton Democrats to Stop Tax and Spend Policies

Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick said the NJ Legislature must stay in session this summer to take care of the state’s unaddressed issues.

In response to a Bloomberg state-to-state migration study that found New Jersey to be one of the biggest losers of income, Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) issued a warning to Trenton Democrats.

“To avoid losing more residents, we need to stop these tax-and-spend policies now,” said Bramnick.  “People are moving to states with lower costs of living and taking their good salaries with them – leaving the rest of us to hold the bag if this isn’t fixed.”

According to the analysis, New Jersey’s annual net income loss was $3.4 billion. It ranked third worst in the nation, just below New York and Illinois.

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  • 1Prop

    The Soviet Socialist State of NJ will is also losing the middle class. The unfair Abbott decisions tax us by our zip code. We send $6 billion per year down 31 rat holes. Tolls are ridiculous, the gas tax too high and we are so regulated it’s hard to breathe.

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