BREAKING: Scutari Wins Union County Democratic Convention

After a four-month legal battle with Linden NJ Mayor Derek Armstead, State Senator Nick Scutari gains a big win as a Superior Court Judge ruled that local Democratic Party appointee Paul Coates will be allowed to take his seat on the city council.

CLARK – In a hard fought election at a special convention for the chairmanship of the Union County Democratic Committee, an event that started out contentious almost a month ago and finished with very sharp elbows and tough whispers late tonight amid red, white and blue balloons, state Senator Nick Scutari defeated Colleen Mahr by 71 votes tonight at the Gran Centurions.

Scutari will officially succeed Jerry Green as chair of the Union County Democratic Committee.

It’s over.

Scutari 412

Mahr 341.

For the full runway up to tonight’s outcome, please take a look at our live blog here.

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  1. This breaks my heart, NJ has 4 women Democrat chairs out of 21, We need more women as chairs. I am so disappointed that women if Union did not support Colleen.

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