Campos-Medina Jumps in the U.S. Senate Race

Patricia Campos Medina this morning declared on X: “My name is Patricia Campos Medina and I am running for the U.S. Senate because New Jersey needs a proven and experienced leader in DC, one who understands the challenges and dreams of every day New Jerseyans and is ready to fight for our future. Will you join me?”

Via “Patricia Campos-Medina, a veteran labor leader and progressive activist, will announce Wednesday she is joining the increasingly crowded race for New Jersey’s U.S. Senate seat currently held by the indicted Robert Menendez, NJ Advance Media has learned.

“A 50-year-old Latina immigrant who vows to “fight for working families,” Campos-Medina is at least the fourth candidate to enter the battle for the Democratic nomination in this November’s election to take over the seat Menendez, also a Democrat, has held since 2006.”

Campos-Medina played a critical role in securing drivers licenses in New Jersey for undocumented workers.

“I am a fighter for working families,” declared the candidate.

For those keeping track, Menendez – up for reelection this year – wants to run again but has no party establishment support, the consequence of an indictment pileup on his doorstep.

The latest landed yesterday.

The candidacy of First Lady Tammy Murphy has amassed significant establishment backing in the Democratic Party.

But U.S. Rep. Andy Kim (D-3) also wants the U.S. Senate seat.

So does People’s Organization for Progress Founder Larry Hamm.

On the Republican side, Mendham Mayor Christine Serrano Glassner appears to be the frontrunner at the moment.


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11 responses to “Campos-Medina Jumps in the U.S. Senate Race”

  1. Just what NJ needs, another liberal progressive activist.
    I used to think NJ could do better however this seems to be the best we can do.
    Drivers licenses for illegal aliens. More illegals coming. Voting rights for them all coming soon.
    Sad, pathetic.

  2. Patricia Camos-Medina’s accomplishments as an activist outside of government are good to know about. So are Carol Murphy’s as the Governor’s communications director. But these do not make them qualified to be a US Senator. Only one candidate, unbeholden to special interests or insider politics, has these qualifications. That’s Congressman Andy Kim. A US senator’s job requirement is demonstrated ability to work internationally, federally, and at the state level to get things done for the good of Americans and the World. And Andy Kim has already done that.

  3. What a lucid and intellectual statement Mr Schnackberger. A very intelligent response.
    Your contribution to the discussion certainly adds value.

  4. Patricia Campos Medina is an outstanding leader and activist for the rights of ordinary people. Most recently she stood in solidarity with the nurses from RWJ whose strike focused on patient care and the dangers of a health care system putting profits over patients. Her advocacy for immigrants who strengthen our economy is consistent with her egalitarian commitment to all of us. We are fortunate to have her as a contender in the race for Senate..

  5. Peter Z, there is absolutely no evidence of a move to have the undocumented vote and it is wrong to spread that lie. As far as Drivers Licenses so what that would give them an opportunity to work, buy a car and buy insurance. Many of the jobs filled by undocumented people are service and harvesting work.

  6. Refer to motor voter provisions. Anyone securing a driver license can complete a voter registration form. No questions pertaining to citizenship are asked.
    Some states already have implemented voting right for illegals on a local and state level. This is a fact.

  7. David, I agree with everything you said 1000%. Congressman Andy Kim has served with dignity in his five years in Congress and in all of his past roles in government.
    For me he has begun to restore my trust in our elected officials. Along with thousands of other grassroot supporters, I will work tirelessly to assist him in his campaign to be our next Senator.

  8. Andy Kim is quite a liberal democrat as well. We’ll get more of the same. Check the voting records. But NJ has very little options. We can vote for democrat liberals or weak, do nothing Republicans. They are all the same.

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