Carteret Dems File ELEC Complaint Against GOP Challenger Gattuso

Today, Carteret Democratic Municipal Chairman Joseph Gasparro filed a complaint (attached) with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission, citing numerous illegalities with regard to the campaign of Republican mayoral challenger Fred Gattuso.  

Said complaint outlines a series of alleged unlawful campaign practices by Gattuso, including the use of a GoFundMe page for campaign fundraising purposes, failing to file any disclosure reports with ELEC, the solicitation of cryptocurrencies, the acceptance of anonymous contributions, shoddy record keeping and missing campaign “paid for” lines on campaign paraphernalia.

Gatusso is challenging veteran incumbent Mayor Dan Reiman (pictured above), who has the backing of Gasparro.

“I am calling on the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement to immediately investigate the illegal campaign practices of Fred Gattuso,” said the local Democratic Party chairman. “Just as Gattuso has been arrested multiple times, in the past for nearly two dozen criminal charges, his actions outlined in this complaint show Mr. Gattuso’s blatant disregard for the law.  The residents of Carteret deserve a swift state investigation into the unethical and illegal campaign practices of Mr. Gattuso and, when this investigation is concluded, I am hopeful that punitive measures will be imposed by the Election Law Enforcement Commission, as integrity and adherence to the legal campaign process are vital to our elections.  Mr. Gattuso should be ashamed of himself, but once a criminal always a criminal.”

Gattuso RFI Statement of Allegations and Exhibits
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