CD-11 Flashpoint: Barsoom Cites Congress’ Ukraine ‘Mistake’

There are three House Republicans from New Jersey and all of them, Chris Smith, Tom Kean Jr and Jeff Van Drew, supported at least part of this month’s $95 billion military aid package for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan.

Van Drew was a “no” vote only on Ukraine.

Not all Republicans concur.

In CD-11, which covers parts of Morris, Essex and Passaic counties, candidate Raafat Barsoom says this is a mistake.

“I support the Ukrainian people. I support Israel and Taiwan, but not at the expense of ignoring growing ,serious problems right here in America,” says Barsoom, an emergency room doctor from Belleville.

Barsoom, a native of Egypt, seeks the Republican nomination to challenge Democrat Mikie Sherrill this fall.

Two others are on the primary ballot – John F. Sauers and Joseph Belnome

So far this seems to be a very low key race.

And it’s a far cry from two years ago when Paul DeGroot emerged and won an acrimonious battle for the nomination with Tayfun Selen.

Sherrill won the general election with nearly 60 percent of the vote, which probably is why there has been much less interest this year on the Republican side. Also keep in mind that the district became more Democratic after the 2020 Census.

But Barsoom is trying.

There is certainly some Republican tradition underpinning his views. Isolationism has long been at least a small part of GOP philosophy.

In opposing the aid package, Barsoom says the affirmative vote shows an “inability and unwillingness to address serious problems at home.”

He referred to the border crisis and the likelihood it leads to human trafficking and drug smuggling.

Barsoom also mentioned health care, and more specifically, a low Medicaid reimbursement rate for ER visits.

On that score, Barsoom had a challenge for Congress:

“I invite those members of Congress who are supporting war overseas to visit me in the hospital and look at the casualties of the war that is occurring in virtually every city in America,” he said.

The primary is June 4, so let’s see if he gets any takers.



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  1. how much do they want to lower insurances and ER…nothing short of a fallen policy if it stays mainstream

    democratic….it is not the county I remember any longer.

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